Lightweight Solutions in Concrete

...for Slim Slabs and Large Spans

Biaxial Voided Flat Slabs

Lighten the weight of any structure you are designing with a method widely employed in Europe and now being used in the US. Cobiax USA Inc., Dedham, Massachusetts, provides a system to produce voided, biaxial, flat plate slabs as a high-quality concrete solution for large spans and slim slabs.

Plastic voids in the shape of spheres or flattened spheres are contained in steel cages and put into concrete structures to create longer spans and reduce vertical loads. Multiple void sizes can be provided for a wide range of flat slab depths depending on span requirements.  These can be used in concrete structures for commercial, residential, parking and institutional buildings as well as other applications.

Project Assistance
We offer to assist you in designing structures using this solution. After conducting a finite element analysis of your proposed project, we will show you how this method reduces unnecessary materials, benefits the project holistically and results in a durable building. Our team works closely with yours throughout the entire process, from concept to the design and construction phases.   

Concrete Structure, Voided Flat Slabs in Dedham, MA
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Altra Sede, Milan, Itlay; Architects: Caputo Partnership, Milan and Pei Cobb Freed & Partn. New York

                                   Structural Eng.: Prof. Ing. Franco Mola, Bari and Thornton Tomasetti, New York

                                   Contractor: Consorzio Torre

                                   380,000 sf on 39 floors; 33 ft spans with 13.75" slabs