Lightweight Solutions in Concrete

...for Slim Slabs and Large Spans

Voided Concrete Slabs

Cobiax USA Inc. presents a voided slab technology that allows large spans, efficiently formed as flat plates without beams, for many types of buildings and other structures while using significantly less concrete than if solid. This is the most versatile voided slab system that allows builders to use less material and still maintain structural integrity.

Concrete Wall with Window, European Slab Void Method in Dedham, MA    

Benefits Include:

Large spans and cantilevers without beams allow design flexibility.

Less depth of structure = lower floor to floor heights or more head room.

Biaxial load transfer reduces deflections.

Reduced vertical loads reduces column and foundation sizes and earthquake reinforcing.

Flat plate design minimizes costly/time consuming vertical formwork, a major cost component.

Use of recycled materials in Cobiax® products and reduction of direct building materials as well as building volumn enhances GREEN EFFECT.

Less concrete equals CO2 emission reduction.

Advancing Construction
After working in the concrete industry for more than 40 years, we recognized the use of strategically placed plastic voids as an effective way to achieve longer spans in concrete without beams. Cobiax USA Inc. deems this as a very positive advancement for reinforced concrete construction by providing a solution that maintains strength while reducing the self weight of concrete slabs.

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technique of placing voids in concrete structural slabs

Conventional Beam and Slab vs Cobiax® Voided Slabs

Conventional Beam and Slab vs Cobiax® Voided Slabs